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I created a DA account months ago, I snicked around for a while, saw some damn terrific art... now I've finally decided to post something in this journal!
Since I'm a new deviant, I really have no idea of what I'm supposed to write here, but anyway.
I'm working on a couple of comic projects now... I'm busy but not as I was a couple years ago! I'm taking my time and I'm living a better life, there's no doubt about it!
And I have free time to upload bunches of drawings and color stuff from my works, hoping you like it!
Soon I'll submit some line art of my first graphic novel (no, you can't find it if you're not in italy... no, it's not true, you can find it but what's the point if you can't read italian?? :D), while I'm working hard on my second "big" comic, a lot more "mainstream" than the first one (giant robots, cute ladies, fearless heroes...) and a lot thicker too!!
Find the Romabot stuff in the gallery and post some comments for me, please! Motivate me, please!! Or destroy me, you're welcome! :D

I think I will update the journal when I'm done with these 209 pages, because I'll have this good news and I know I'll just want to spread it out!!
Yeah, I'm quite sure of it.

Talk to you soon! :headbang: